Lamar Chamber of Commerce

The wonderful towns of Prowers County offer a unique view into our past and a peek into today’s life on the prairie. The past is filled with rich history that helped form our great nation. Stories of frontiersmen seeking new horizons, Native Americans faced with change, pioneer struggles, the dust bowl era, the influences of modern transportation and more.

Today the face of Prowers County is different, but the enduring spirit remains in communities that support families, welcome strangers and build lives with what nature hands them.

Take time to step away from your regular routine and visit this place on the plains that will both humble you and inspire you.

Look further and discover the many wonderful attractions from the famous birding opportunities, to hiking in ancient lands, to playing 18 holes of golf under the prairie skies.
109A  E. Beech Street
Lamar, CO 81052


Monday-Thursday: 9AM - 3PM