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Tuesday, May 23, 2023
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Eagles Bingo
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Date: May 23, 7:00 pm

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, May 23
  1:00pm Prowers County Commissioners meeting
  7:00pm Eagles Bingo
Wednesday, May 24
  7:00am-9:00am PMC Health Fair
Thursday, May 25
  7:00pm Elks Bingo
Saturday, May 27
  8:30am-3:30pm Free Dump Weekend
  10:00am-12:00pm Plastic & E-Waste Recycling
Sunday, May 28
  12:30pm-3:30pm Free Dump Weekend
Monday, May 29
   Chamber Closed for Memorial Day
  2:00pm 911 Tri-State Memorial @ Big Timbers Museum
Tuesday, May 30
  7:00pm Eagles Bingo